Buying the Classic Car of your dreams is a very big decision for most of us.  Nothing is more disappointing than having your dream car delivered only finding the sellers over promised and under delivered.  You can buy, sell, trade and consign with confidence with American.  We are car people serving car people.

The exterior of a car is the first thing we see and appreciate about a Classic Car. Whether it is a fully restored car or an original survivor, the following aspects of the outside are evaluated and graded. Straight body panels, gaps and show-quality paint are often signs that a car has been built with a high standard in mind. That's why our team begins the American Standard of Excellence process by examining the exterior to make sure:

• The quality of paint is free of significant flaws such as large scratches, cracks or discoloration.
• Body parts have even gaps all around.
• Trim is free of significant dents, scratches and chips.
• Quality of Chrome.
• Glass is free of cracks, scratches and pitting.
• Even the Wiper blades condition.

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