We have exciting programs that we offer

Broker program:

Brokers are independent dealers that will receive a discounted inventory list that they may sell off of. American will will not be responsible for trade ins unless the broker wants us to purchase the trade in. Broker may sell car for any amount above there listed price.

Affiliate sales program:

Affiliate sales is a program to have independent affiliates all over the country, you're a friend of American. We provide you with our inventory list. Your refer a new customer to American Classics and we will pay you $250 for every sale, $50 for every consignment, or 500 classic car credits to go towards future purchases or products. Affiliates can not be employed by ACHR, must be signed up in advance and must be accepted through ACHR. * payment is made on the 30th of every month and after the deal has closed.

Independant Sales:

This position is for people who want to use our facility and sell cars. Although we expect a time schedule maintained you are under no obligation to maintain certain hours. You will get a dealer cost sheet and will be given all tools that will help you sell off our inventory. Commissions will be 20% of profit with $1500 cap. You are not an employee, you are a 1099 contractor. We will supply call list and leads on a regular basis.

Affiliate Craigs list :

This program is for stay at home people who want to earn extra money calling on classic cars for sale on craigslist. We pay $25 for every consignment brought in and if the dealership purchase a car you will be given a bonus of $50

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